Web Design

With development of various kinds of devices and operating systems, people are surfing internet on different platforms. In such a situation, a website which is made only for Windows platform on laptops, cannot work well on other platforms. Also, the concept of developing different web designs for different platforms has become old as there are a lot of different platforms and developing many web designs is inefficient. To help you be in line with changing era, Nick's Creative Design offers a new concept i.e. Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design allows a website to adjust itself according to the platform. With the use of Responsive Web Design, your website when run on iPhone and when it is run on Kindle, it will be having different resolution, scripting abilities and image resolution, to ensure that the webpage is in accordance to the platform.

To provide high quality Responsive Web Design, our designers take care of a lot of things related to your website content. For example; screen resolution, images and layout structures. With change in devices, the screen resolution changes dramatically. Even on a single device, the user may view the webpage in landscape or portrait mode. Therefore, website should be designed to cope up with every situation. Initially, websites were designed differently for different segments of resolutions. However, now the websites are made totally flexible as there is a wide range of screen resolutions.

The process of creating Responsive Web Design is to make a basic website design and enhance it to be supportive at smartphones and PCs. We use mobile site validators to test the accuracy of website and see how it performs. Nick's Creative Design ensures that you get a website which is attractive at all the platforms and all your users love your portal.